I, jesse della riley, do solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


I am genderfluid (they/them/their please!) & queer – hello.

If you like TV, my current obsessions are Queen Sugar, the Handmaid’s Tale, and Steven Universe.  They’re making me want to write fiction or do screenwriting instead of poetry.

If you like friends, you can’t have mine, I love them too much.

I am trying not to perform, but everything gives me stage fright.

My poetry explores unfriendly deities, so if you like the friendly ones, read elsewhere.

My poetry explores friendly people, so if you like the unfriendly ones, you’re a funny rabbit.

I am the Assistant Editor for jubilat Literary Magazine.

I am working toward an MFA at the University of Massachusetts under Ocean Vuong, Peter Gizzi, and Dara Wier.

I have too many emotions, probably, but don’t worry.  I love therapy.

I was just kidding about the toes.  They're long and weirdly spaced.

I feel most understood by categorization, see?